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Xuno Parent Portal Guide

Mansfield Secondary College is very excited to launch the new parent portal – XUNO (pronounced ‘zoo-no’). This initiative will enable parents to log in and have immediate access to student information. Information available to you will include your student’s timetable and attendance in classes, student reports and unexplained absences.

New features of the system will include direct communication with your student’s teachers, up to date news items and information, greater breakdown of attendance and access to your student’s achievements and behavioural incidents. XUNO is also used to make bookings for interviews before key reporting periods and before parent/teacher interviews.

XUNO is also used to showcase news items and calendar events to assist parents with planning and keeping up to date with what is happening at the College.
We look forward to connecting parents, students and teachers through XUNO and believe it will enhance the communication and connectedness of families with Mansfield Secondary College.

For more information on the Xuno Parent Portal please see our Xuno Parent Portal Guide